The importance of safety certificates on masks


The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Masks, Gowns and PPE (OESP) warns of the progressive use of surgical masks and FFP2 masks that are not approved and not very safe when it comes to protecting against diseases such as Covid-19 or influenza.

The OESP seeks to achieve the union of all the companies that have decided to respect the standards, current regularization and legal provisions that guarantee compliance with the certifications according to Spanish and European regulations.

OESP recalls the importance of safety certificates on face masks to protect public health and ensure the highest quality standards. That is why OESP advocates the correct use of this material by manufacturers, suppliers and consumers.

Effimed is one of the Spanish manufacturers associated to the OESP and is licensed by the Spanish Agency of Medicine and Health Products (AEMPS) for the production of approved masks, thus guaranteeing the quality of its products both nationally and internationally.

Effimed and Oesp united for the Spanish industry

The spread of new models of face masks on the market, which do not have the necessary regulations to ensure their quality, can have serious consequences for public health.

Currently, masks that do not comply with the regulations are still being sold, mainly because they lack the necessary safety certificates or because their filtration does not comply with the protection regulations. These masks have been found in Spain, as well as in different European countries, and most of them are usually of the FFP2 type or similar.

The OESP places special emphasis on the importance of ensuring that the materials that reach the consumer are correctly certified, thus preventing unfair competition in the sector.

For Effimed it is essential to guarantee the safety and protection of the population, that is why our masks have the corresponding certifications and approvals.

In addition, our masks are composed of a very high bacterial filtration efficiency, exceeding levels of 99% efficiency against the transfer of any type of particles and offering all the guarantees and health controls based on the required regulatory framework.

Effimed surgical masks and safe FFP2 masks

Effimed has a long experience in the surgical masks and FFP2 masks sector.

Our IIR surgical masks offer the highest protection and filtration, thanks to our four production lines, thus preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria and meeting the highest quality standards.

Our self-filtering FFP2 masks stand out for having a higher level of breathability than those of the competition, while meeting all the essential health and safety requirements that approved FFP2 masks must meet.

On our website you can find all the information about our products, and in case of any doubt pleasecontact us.

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