Who we are

Who is effimed?

The bio-medical sector demands certified products under the strictest quality controls, as well as innovative technological solutions related to IoT and Management Data.

From this opportunity, effimed was born, a national brand belonging to efficold, aimed at a growing market demanding all kinds of solutions for laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals…

ndustry leader with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high technology cold equipment focused on various areas such as Food, Beverage, Hospitality, Supermarkets, Ice creams, and special projects.

Effimed is the a result of efficold’s constant innovation
Efficold is a Spanish company located in Andalusia (Lucena-Córdoba), belonging to the Onnera Group business group.

Why was the effimed brand born?

In 2018, we created effimed, providing the highest levels of reliability and accuracy for Life Sciences, the pharmaceutical and medical industry, following the standards of international health organizations. Effimed was created with the aim of offering solutions that facilitate biomedicine developments and improve patient care.

In 2020, we would also like to contribute to our country’s joint effort in the fight against COVID-19.

Thanks to our ability and experience, we have set up a facemasks manufacturing plant that meets the high requirements of European regulations. In this way, we ensure the entire Spanish population has a reliable and continuous supply, avoiding the current dependence on unstable and unreliable international markets.

Currently, effimed has a refrigerated range of products for the biomedical sector and a line for the manufacture of facemasks
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At effimed, we manufacture IIR surgical masks, which offer the highest protection in this classification, together with our FFP2 self-filtering masks, which stand out for offering a higher level of breathability compared to the competitors.

Thanks to our four production lines, we make both individual protection masks (PPE) and surgical masks meeting the highest quality standards.

Do you know what the differences are between surgical masks and self-filtering ones?
Surgical IIR

The carrier does not infect

Self-filtering mask PPE FFP2

Protection in both directions

Why don't we offer hygienic masks?

Hygienic masks do not usually have certifications for both the materials and the manufacture of the same.

Its use can cause various allergic reactions on the skin, from dermatitis, bruising and even pressure ulcers.

At effimed, we make sure that our masks are manufactured with the best materials and under the strictest certifications, to offer quality products and prolonged use without the risk of allergies or irritations.

Productionand logistics capacity

Thanks to our four lines dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of masks, we are capable of producing 100 MILLION masks YEARLY.

Our powerful logistics system means that we can distribute the masks globallyl.


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Effimed has in its manufacturing process the strictest quality controls,, thanks to which, they make our product comply with all the guarantees of being a national product and certified by the health authorities.

ISO 9001 y 14001
ISO 13485 for the manufacture of sanitary material in process.
CE certificate in process
IIR masks manufactured under the UNE-EN 14683: 2019 + AC2019 standard
FFP2 masks manufactured under the UNE-EN 149: 2001 + 1: 2009 Standard
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