At Effimed, we manufacture IIR surgical masks, which offer the highest protection in this classification, together with our self-filtering FFP2 masks, which stand out for offering a higher level of breathability compared to the competition. Thanks to our four production lines, we manufacture both personal protective equipment (PPE) and surgical masks to the highest quality standards.

Spanish face masks made to protect

We offer all the guarantees and health controls based on the required regulatory framework. Our surgical masks and ffp2 masks are suitable for basic respiratory protection against particles and liquid aerosols, both in hospital and work environments. Effimed’s Spanish-made face masks are especially indicated for the respiratory protection of all health professionals or persons exposed to a low-moderate risk.

Masks made in Spain

What are the differences between surgical masks and self-filtering ffp2 masks?

Why don't we offer hygienic face masks?

Hygienic face masks are often not certified for both materials and manufacture. Their use can cause various allergic skin reactions, ranging from dermatitis, bruising and even pressure ulcers. At Effimed, we ensure that our surgical masks and ffp2 masks are manufactured with the best materials and under the strictest certifications, to offer quality products and prolonged use without the risk of allergies or irritation.

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Quality certificates

Effimed has the strictest quality controls in its manufacturing process, thanks to which our product complies with all the guarantees of being a national product and certified by the health authorities.

Logo ISO 9001 y 14001

ISO 9001 y 14001
not applicable to medical devices and PPE

CE logo

CE Certificate


IIR surgical masks manufactured according to UNE-EN 14683:2019 + AC2019 Standard


FFP2 masks manufactured according to EN 149:2001+1:2009 Standard

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