The importance of dynamic cooling systems in biomedical refrigerators


The industrial refrigeration and dynamic refrigeration sectors are essential to ensure the proper functioning of products in the biomedical sector.

In the field of cold storage, it is of vital importance to have dynamic cooling systemsthat provide excellent temperature stability so that medicines are stored under the right conditions.

The dynamic cooling system moves the air in the coolers to provide a uniform temperature in the different spaces of the cooler, recovering the temperature three times faster than a static or direct cooling system.

In addition to their use in industrial applications, dynamic cooling systems offer great advantages, for example, when it comes to providing adequate preservation in assisted fertility or clinical analysis processes.

In Effimed we know that refrigeration is a necessary part in the pharmaceutical industry for the research, development, manufacture and distribution of medicines, that is why we adapt the equipment to the market requirements with the combinations of products necessary for such purposes.

Effimed dynamic cooling systems refrigerators

From Effimed we would like to introduce you to some of our cooler models that are best suited for the biomedical sector.

Our UFV-900 prototype, specially designed for use in biorepositories, sample storage and all types of delicate material, is part of our ultra-freezingrange, with cold values of -86°C. Equipped with a Direct Cooling system and a storage capacity from 770 boxes.

Another biomedical freezer model that stands out for its rigorous refrigeration system and high efficiency compressor is the LFV-100, very suitable for the correct storage of samples and with a temperature range of up to -25º C.

We also have combis such as the PC-550model, with a temperature range down to -40º. Thanks to its microprocessor temperature control, it is one of the most suitable equipment for the care of samples, reagents and all kinds of thermolabile material in the pharmaceutical environment.

Effimed at the service of the Biomedical Sector

Thanks to our high technological efficiency and the quality of our dynamic cooling systems, we have a wide range of innovative biomedical coolers adapted to the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

You can find our wide range of coolers for the biomedical sector on our website.

Check our catalog and if you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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