Laboratory refrigerators for storing high-value preparations and medicines


For cold storage, it is essential that laboratory refrigerators meet the highest requirements.

There are a large number of drugs that require a cold chain to be maintained. And not only medicines, since we also find a large number of products related to transplants, clinical analysis, etc., which also need cold for proper preservation.

At Effimedwe are aware of the importance of the correct maintenance of such a sensitive material, that is why we have a wide range of laboratory refrigerators. Read on to find out why proper preservation of all these products is so important.

Dynamic cold systems

A dynamic cooling system is essential to ensure that high-value preparations and medicines are always in optimum condition. This cooling system ensures that there are no undesirable differences in temperature, as these are more homogeneous in the different refrigerator spaces. In addition, it is capable of recovering temperature three times faster. In this way, the most sensitive substances, delicate chemicals and research materials can be kept in the best storage conditions.

Therefore, refrigerators intended for laboratories, hospitals and institutions of this type have to meet the highest requirements.

At Effimed we have a wide range of laboratory refrigerators.

From Effimed we would like to present some of our models that best suit the needs of the market.

We have a wide range of pharmacy refrigerators and freezers, here are some examples of our products.

We have a range of ultra-freezing, with cold values down to -86° C, such as our UFV-1000model.

laboratory refrigerator

With 7-inch touch screen, a capacity of 1,008 liters, storage of 770 boxes, inventory management alarm with acoustic emission and a temperature range of -40ºC // -86ºC.

We also have portable models, such as the UFV-PORTABLE

laboratory refrigerator

With a capacity of 1.8 liters, a touch screen monitor and a temperature range of -40ºC // -86ºC. We also have laboratory combis such as the PC-300, the PC-300

laboratory refrigerator

It has a temperature range of -10°C ” -40°C // 2°C ” 8°C , LCD display monitor and temperature, electrical and system alarms. Learn more about these and many other products on ourwebsite, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

You can also check out our range of food and beverage coolers, freezers, coolers and coolers and neutral cabinets for supermarkets, among other products, on our Efficoldwebsite.

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