Masks to avoid coronavirus this holiday season


Christmas is here, and as is tradition, at this time of the year, gatherings with family and friends multiply.

With the accumulated incidence rising and the fear of a new wave of contagions, it is advisable that these types of meetings be held in full compliance, as far as possible, with health recommendations.

As you may already know,the use of masks is one of the main recommendations that we are being given since the beginning of this pandemic. The efficacy of using them as a protective measure and to prevent the spread of the virus has been more than demonstrated.

From Effimed we want to give you a series of tips to make this Christmas a holiday season in which you can enjoy your loved ones with the best safety guarantees.

Protection in social meetings

Health authorities warn of the importance of masks as a protective agent against the virus, so, once again this year, they recommend their use at family gatherings.

Some experts assure that even once vaccinated, 5% of those infected could develop severe symptoms. Hence the importance of the use of FFP2 masksas the most important layer of personal protection.

The health authorities are still committed to maintaining and placing more emphasis on non-pharmacological measures. They insist that this is the best remedy to prevent the spread of the new omicron variant.

Given this scenario and considering the dates that are approaching, the most sensible thing to do is to protect ourselves and thus protect those around us. Correct use of respirators will reduce the risk of virus transmission, with FFP2 respirators being the most effective in this regard.

Surgical masks and FFP2 Effimed

Effimed masks are masks manufactured in Spain, distributed nationally and internationally with more than 99% effectiveness in protection against bacterial agents. This is because we make them with fabrics with a high level of EFB and they have all the necessary approvals. Our IIR surgical masksmanufactured on high-end polypropylene and thanks to the most demanding quality standards are the most protective in this classification. Made 100% in Spain, they serve as a barrier covering the mouth and nose, thus preventing the spread of pathogens.


And ourself-filtering FFP2masks which have a higher level of breathability than those of the competition and are indicated to protect the user from the inhalation of pollutants and particles. They are manufactured on polypropylene according to the highest quality standards.


All our masks are approved and comply with all national and international quality requirements. If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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