Effimed surgical masks and FFP2 masks become the safest and most comfortable on the market following the latest laboratory reports.


The european benchmark in the commercial refrigeration industry Efficold has highlighted, thanks to the consolidation of its brand for the biomedical sector Effimed, that the Andalusian industry has sufficient “harnesses” to respond to situations such as those produced by the Covid-19 pandemic and without uncomfortable dependence on third countries.

In only three months of development, the R&D department of this company from Lucena (Córdoba) has been able to achieve IIR surgical masks with a report by national laboratories of 99.98 percent Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BEF) and position itself as the leading mask manufacturer in Spain. Now, just a few weeks after achieving this certification, the same department has achieved that Effimed masks are recognized as the most breathable masks without any loss of their anti virus power.

As they explained, “it was one of the objectives set since we set out to manufacture face masks for the Spanish population”. “We wanted masks with maximum anti virus power but also that would facilitate breathability for the most vulnerable groups in society such as the elderly or those with respiratory problems who, after all, need to be protected from contaminated environments just as much or more than the rest of the population.”

Approved surgical masks

Effimed IIR surgical masks achieved in the last report a breathability of 45.9 pascals versus the less than 60 pascals per square meter required by #EN14683:2019, under which these masks are governed.

Thus, and already certified as the “most comfortable and safest” masks on the market, Effimed will make its masks available to various nursing homes and associations of pneumological patients. “We will start with our area of influence, Andalusia, to continue providing people with the greatest respiratory problems in the country with these masks,” they said. It should be recalled that Effimed masks are currently only marketed to professionals.

In addition to high breathability and maximum bacterial filtration efficiency, these surgical masks not only prevent solid and liquid particles in the air, but also protect against blood and saliva splashes.

Thus, Effimed manufactures and distributes from its Lucena plant six million surgical masks per month and three million FFP2 masks per month. Since December they have had the definitive certification of their products and now, in 2021, they have started to export the masks from Andalusia to the rest of Europe.

And now, with a talent and a proven production capacity, the company from Lucerne is researching the durability of the masks and is looking for new formulas, through new quality fabrics, that allow the creation of masks that continue to protect after several washes with the maximum anti virus power and the comfort of the first day. The objective is none other than to provide society with maximum protection at the lowest possible cost while taking care of the environment, the company concluded.

Efficold, owner of the Effimed brand, currently employs 540 people. They had a turnover of 72 million in 2019, 5 percent more than in the previous fiscal year. The company, which has already started mask production, will produce 100 million masks by 2021. It currently operates in the domestic and European market, although its powerful logistics system is leading it to develop a strong international expansion with market projects in the Middle East and Latin America.

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