Efficold’s Cordoba site to produce 100 million masks per year


Efficold, European leader in technological and cutting-edge solutions for the refrigeration sector, will produce 100 million masks per year manufactured in Spain, with the aim of ensuring the “reliable and continuous supply of the country”, avoiding the current dependence on international markets and “offering the population a product made under the strictest quality controls at a stable and competitive price”.

To this end, the Cordona’s company, a member of the Onnera Group, has invested more than three million euros in its plant at its Lucena facilities for the construction of a large clean room with automated manufacturing lines that guarantee high competitiveness in the medium and long term and also enable the monthly production of six million IIR surgical masks and three million FFP2.

The new masks manufactured in Spain, which are marketed under the Effimed brand specialized in the biomedical sector, feature a more evolved fabric with a high level of softness and comfort capable of avoiding any type of allergy and discomfort during use and a high level of protection against viruses.


As explained by Efficold’s general manager, Manuel Pastor, these masks are the result of “months of research and continuous work in the search for the best type of material to ensure not only that they comply with the strictest quality and traceability controls, but also with the highest comfort at the most competitive price”.

In fact, “we have already started several lines of innovation related to the duration of the masks, their anti virus power and greater breathability for the user”, added Pastor, who explained that, to this end, they have carried out an increase in the hiring of 35 new workers specifically for the new line.

The company has also incorporated quality control equipment that, together with its purchasing policy always focused on quality, guarantees “great stability in the characteristics of the masks, avoiding surprises and lack of protection for users,” said Efficold’s general manager.

Effimed maskshave a demanding quality control and total traceability of raw materials and suppliers. In addition to undergoing daily production controls, they are manufactured under the UNE-EN 14683:2019 + AC2019 Standard, the surgical IIR, and under the UNE-EN 149:2001+1:2009 Standard, the FFP2.

Effimed IIR surgical drapes are considered as a medical device with the highest level of protection and splash resistance, a fundamental characteristic to guarantee their protective properties in operating rooms as well as in any other environment.

Effimed FFP2 masks, manufactured in Spain, have all the certifications at European level and are considered as PPE due to their higher level of protection. These masks require a rigorous certification process, superior to that of other masks.


This new production line was created with the objective of offering supply guarantees in the domestic market in order to avoid dependence on other countries and unjustified price increases. “We want to contribute to our country’s joint effort in the fight against Covid-19 and we have found no better way than to invest in what we do best; developing highly reliable solutions for the most demanding applications,” said Pastor.

Efficold leader in the refrigeration sector with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of refrigeration equipment with high technological component aimed at various fields such as food, beverages, hospitality, supermarkets, ice cream and special projects, launched in 2018 its medical division Effimed which has a powerful R&D&I department formed by professionals with a high level of qualification.

The masks will be used mainly to supply the Spanish population with the best quality-price conditions. Its proven efficiency in supply, logistical flexibility in mask deliveries and 100% guaranteed product and a consistent and stable pricing policy make it possible.


Effimed also provides refrigeration and deep-freezing solutions for Life Sciences, pharmaceutical and medical industries. With its new mask manufacturing plant, Effimed becomes an international reference in the biomedical sector, offering the highest levels of reliability and precision under the strict standards of international health organizations.

Efficold currently employs 540 people. In 2019, they had a turnover of 72 million, 5% more than in the previous fiscal year. The company, which has already started mask production, will produce 100 million masks by 2021.

It currently operates in the domestic and European market, although its powerful logistics system is leading it to develop a strong international expansion with market projects in the Middle East and Latin America.

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