Differences between surgical and hygienic masks


We often use the termssurgical mask and hygienic maskto refer to these accessories that are already part of our daily routine. However, do we know the differences between surgical masks and hygienic masks? In principle, both masks are very similar, both in appearance and price, but there are several differences between them that not everyone can identify.

Therefore, today from Effimed, specialists in the manufacture of IIR approved masks and that have all the necessary certificates to ensure and protect the population in the fight against Covid-19, we want to provide you with information about the differences between surgical and hygienic masks.

Surgical Masks

They are those usually used by physicians, and their purpose is to protect others from the aerosols mentioned above. Health considers them to be the most indicated forsymptomatic or asymptomatic Covid-19 positive individuals.

  • The importance of its labeling
  1. The CEmarking ensures that the mask complies with the legislation.
  2. The UNE reference ensures compliance with a quality standard.
  3. Type I and Type II:According to their Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BEF)
  • Where to buy them?

We can buy them in any establishment as long as they are sold in packaged form. At Effimed, we manufacture IIR surgical masks, approved by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, which maintain their full properties even with blood and saliva splashes, and are the ones that offer the best protection in this classification.

  • Use and duration

It is generally recommended not to use the mask for more than 4 hours.

Hygienic Masks

Hygienic masks are basically those intended for healthy people who are not in close contact with other people.

However, the Consumers and Users Organization warns that the effectiveness of reusable cloth hygiene masks is lower than that of surgical masks, although it usually exceeds 90 percent, and in some cases exceeds 95 percent.

In addition, hygienic masks do not usually have the certifications of both the materials and their manufacture required by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios). That is why Effimed does not offer hygienic masks.

  • Where to buy them?

They can be found in any store.

  • Use and duration

Non-reusable masks should be discarded after useand reusable masks should indicate the maximum number of washes that can be performed.

Find your surgical masks at Effimed

From Effimed, we are committed to society, therefore, to ensure your safety, our masks are manufactured in Spain under the strictest requirements of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, in the case of IIR and by the Spanish Institute of Social Security and Labor for FFP2. We achieve this through continuous quality controls in ourinnovation, production and distribution processes.

Our surgical masks and ffp2 masks are suitable for basic respiratory protection against particles and liquid aerosols in both hospital and work environments.

Trust Effimedand contact us for everything you need!

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