Masks manufactured in Spain. Effimed joins OESP in support of domestic manufacturing


At Effimed we are aware of the importance of supporting the national product. Our masks are manufactured in Spain, and for this reason we have joined the Spanish Association of Masks, Gowns and PPE Manufacturers (OESP).

This organization, which already has a large number of associated companies from all over Spain, seeks recognition for the work of national manufacturers and the defense of the national product.

This product has strict quality, safety and manufacturing controls that provide confidence and peace of mind to the user. In this way, the aim is to homogenize the national market in order to obtain greater protection and to give these medical devices and personal protection products the value they deserve.

That is why at Effimedas we are strong defenders of products with a national seal, we felt that we had to be part of this project, not only for the defense of these products, but also for the good of our customers, to assure them that the product they are acquiring complies with all the guarantees, that it is reliable and 100% trustworthy. And, in doing so, also help to combat existing malpractices in this industry that have been exacerbated by the increase in production and producers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The masks manufactured in Spain Effimed, 100% national and reliable.

Effimed has a long experience in the surgical masks and FFP2 maskssector. Our plant has a production capacity of 7.3 million units per month, all of which are licensed by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS), thus guaranteeing their high technical quality through rigorous controls in the production chain.

With our IIR surgical masksyou will get the best protection, since, by covering the nose and mouth, they filter the dispersion of pathogenic organisms from the mask wearer, preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Our self-filtering FFP2respirators stand out for having a higher level of breathability than those of the competition and are indicated to protect the user from the inhalation of particles and pollutants. In addition, they meet all essential health and safety requirements that must be met byapproved FFP2 respirators.

All our surgical masks are especially indicated for the respiratory protection of healthcare professionals or persons exposed to a low-moderate risk.

On our website you can find all the information about our products, and in case of any doubt please contact us.

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