Refrigeration equipment in the biomedical sector and its importance


The maintenance of samples in the medical and research sector is something that today seems to be a major necessity. The importance of proper conservation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment for biomedicine, both in hospitals, clinics and laboratories and in the pharmaceutical industry, research and biotechnology centers will ensure that samples are kept in optimal conditions for later use.

For this purpose, refrigeration equipment is used, such as ultracolders, certified under the strictest quality controls, capable of adequately storing up to 770 cryogenic boxes.

Here, from Effimed, we tell you more about the importance of refrigeration equipment for biomedicine. Keep reading!

Refrigeration equipment for biomedicine: cold storage, quality assurance and safety

The cold storage of the most delicate biomedical material requires the highest standards, which makes it absolutely necessary to introduce deep freezers in laboratories, health care centers, pharmaceutical industry, research centers, etc. This ensures that each and every one of the properties of this delicate and important material remain intact.

In this sense, technology has advanced a great deal in recent years, as different sectors, not only in healthcare, but also in research, are demanding greater specialization in order to be able to respond to all the treatments demanded by millions of people.

Let us not forget that refrigeration equipment is not only needed for the maintenance of medicines, but also for the preservation of tissues, plasma and organs. It is essential to have the most reliable cold storage equipmentwith all the guarantees of adequate preventive and corrective maintenance.

At the same time, these refrigeration equipment logically require periodic cleaning and maintenance to avoid contamination of environments that need total protection against infectious agents. This is very important because when samples deteriorate due to a failure of the storage equipment, the financial loss is very large due to its high cost.

Effimed, specialists in refrigeration in the health sector

At Effimed we offer a wide range of products, such as pharmacy and laboratory refrigerators and laboratory freezers and deep freezers for the preservation in the best conditions of all kinds of sensitive biomedical and pharmacological material.

A good example is our ultracolders, essential for use in biorepositories and with a storage capacity of up to 770 cryogenic boxes up to a portable version. We have three types of deep-freezers that reach temperatures ranging from from -25°C to -86°C through our models of -40°C, with important features such as low power consumption, low noise level, low heat dissipation and safety towards high/low temperature audible alarm. With controlled long-term storage down to -25°C ± 0.1°C. This is the case of our LFV-450model that you can see below.

Or our top-of-the-line models for deep-freezing down to -86°C, the UFV-900 and the UFV-portable, shown below.

biomedical sector freezer MFV-450-ECO
biomedical freezer UFV-1000
UFV Portable UFV Biomedical Ultra Freezers

Both have similar features such as a 7-inch touch screen that allows intuitive operation and an inventory control system. USB and RS 485 ports for downloading historical data. And with security by means of 12 control points with associated alarm.

Our range of laboratory and pharmaceutical combi refrigerators that allow freezing down to -40°C equipped with independent refrigeration circuits are the best choice for mixed storage with temperature adapted to the sample. Equipped with temperature, power supply and system alarms. Here is our model PC-550, which is ideal for the storage of samples, reagents, standards and all kinds of thermolabile material.

You can find our blast chillersand a wide range of pharmacy refrigeratorsand laboratory refrigerators in any layout, whether horizontal, vertical or portable, on our website. Check all our products, and if you have any questions we will be happy to assist you.

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