Medicinal cold

En el ámbito de la conservación en frío, los armarios de farmacia y laboratorios han de tener las exigencias más elevadas.
Gracias a nuestra tecnología de enorme precisión, realizamos productos con aislamientos de alta eficiencia y la mayor optimización
y calidad de sus sistemas de frío dinámico. Es por esto que nuestros frigoríficos de laboratorios y farmacia proporcionan una
estabilidad de temperatura excelente para las preparaciones de alto valor y los medicamentos, garantizando que los medicamentos
sensibles se van a almacenar en condiciones óptimas para su conservación

Long-term controlled storage down to -40 ° C ± 0.1 ° C

Effimed covers all the needs of conservation of samples with its range of -40 ultra freezers responding both scenarios demanding custody of samples with high precision and efficiency to less demanding needs adapting to all kinds of process.
High precision digital controller in versions over 550 liters and microprocessor in lower volume versions.



High precision digital controller
USB port for downloading temperature data.
Connection via RS485

Alarm system with monitoring of:
• High / low temperature
• High ambient temperature
• Power failure
• Low battery
• Sensor error
• System failure
• Condenser cooling failure
• USB data logging failure
• Half-closed door
• Main board communication error

Cooling system using environmentally friendly refrigerant.
Door s with two-layer thermal insulation.
High efficiency compressor.
110mm thick insulation.

Double door system that improves insulation and energy consumption.
Anatomical handle and vacuum valve that allows easy opening.

Storage accessories made of AISI 304 to optimize the capacity of the Ultra Freezer and drawers for storage.

Data sheet MFC-400

  • Ultra Freezer -40ºC 19084876
    Model MFC-400
    Cabinet Type HORIZONTAL
    Volume (Lt) 358
    Capacity (Aluminium Racks 2” Boxes) 270
    Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 1308 x 465 x 651
    External Dimensions (W x D x H) 1534 x 775 x 929
    Packaging Dimensions (mm) 1783 x 815 x 975
    Net Weight (Kg) 98
  • Temperature Setting Range -10°C » -40°C
    External Temperature 25°C / 60% HR
    Climatic Class N
    Controler Microprocesator
    Display type LED
    Compressors 1pz
    Cooling Method Direct
    Defrost Mode Manual
    Refrigerant R290
    Insulation Material/Thickness 110mm
  • External Material SPCC epoxy coating
    Internal Material and Shelves Stainless steel
    Shelves/Drawers 1
    Number of Inner Doors 0
    Outer Door Lock Yes
    Access Port 1
    Weels and Caster 4/2
    DATA/Interval/ USB / 10 minutes / 2 years
    RS 485 Port No
  • System Alarm Yes
    Power supply alarm Yes
    System Alarm Yes
  • Power Supply/Frequency 220V / 50Hz
    Power Consumption(KWh/24h) 3.88
    110V-220V 60 Hz Version Optional
  • Noise Level Db 43

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    Quality certificates

    Effimed has the strictest quality controls in its manufacturing process, thanks to which our product complies with all the guarantees of being a national product and certified by the health authorities.

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    ISO 9001 y 14001
    not applicable to medical devices and PPE

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    IIR surgical masks manufactured according to UNE-EN 14683:2019 + AC2019 Standard


    FFP2 masks manufactured according to EN 149:2001+1:2009 Standard

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